Sccm compliance report not updating opengl mode this can usually be fixed by updating

You can make this more secure by using a wildcarded path such as “%Win Dir CCMCache*Deploy-Application.ps1”.

Better still, ensure you code sign your Deploy-Application.ps1 scripts and add a match criteria against the Publisher: Finally, the Work-Style is set to automatically add Admin Rights to any Deploy-Application.ps1 that gets run – provided it is a child process of the SCCM Agent.

Some Windows Installers have a lot of Per User components and if installed using Local System, tend to be a pain in the ass to get installed when an actual user logs in.

So running deployments as the currently logged in user can be very handy.

It should run at every user login, and the command line is: Power -Execution Policy Bypass -Window Style Hidden -File “Monitor-Avecto Policy.ps1” It’s a crude solution but it works well.

The only downside is that will create the lockfile / display warning on the editing of *any* Avecto policy.

We will soon check couple of logs to confirm the client is functioning as expected.• Wimgapi.msi: Imaging API for custom tools for image management • CCMSetup.msi: Windows installer package for deploying of the SCCM 2007 client using AD GPO.

There are differences in why you would choose one over the other – namely, easy access to current user paths and registry keys.However, there is a limitation in the Application Model whereby if you chose to install an application as a User, it inherits their user privileges for the installation.This is a problem if your users are Standard Users as opposed to Local Administrators – more often than not, you won’t have the permissions to perform a full install.Consider the following: At my current client, I’m seeing this happen on a near daily basis due to the fact that it’s a massive deployment, with 5 dedicated engineers working on adding new Avecto rules and troubleshooting issues.Since we’re decentralised, it’s not as easy as shouting out ‘everyone stop editing, I’m making some changes’ and people don’t read emails in a timely enough manner for that to be effective either.

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The Update Compliance solution provides information on the Windows patches installed on each connected device.

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