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( Part One of November Update Reveals Hints at New Armor System ( Introducing the Add-on Trilogy Bonus Gift!

( Job Adjustments Part I and Part II ( Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests!

Alicia is only a young teenager with no combat experience and not much sense of what is going on around her.

They and the other forces of Second Earth battle the Blue.

The Blue Gender series is set in the 2030s, in which Earth has been overrun by the Blue, which are mutated insect-like creatures containing a newly evolved B-cell that recently appeared in several humans, including the main protagonist, Yuji Kaido, that kill and harvest humans for food.

Most of the surviving human race has moved to Second Earth, a huge space station that orbits the planet.

When she does, she finds he has healed and is being trained to use a new specialized "sleeper"-specific Armor Shrike (AS) called the "Double Edge", a battlesuit that is much stronger than the originals used in war against the Blue.

This is a turning point for Marlene and her feelings for Yuji are quite clear for the rest of the series.

During the shuttle flight to Second Earth, Marlene and Yuji expose their emotions for each other.

On Today in Vana’diel: Unveiling the New Synergy System!

( “The Latest Evolution in Equipment—Announcing the Evolith System!

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