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Navigation is sensible and user-friendly with search menus (at the Gold level) offering enough options to narrow or expand a search with sufficient definition to yield a good selection of available listings. The site offers the usual "contact us" function but we felt the FAQ section left a little to be desired for addressing some of the questions a new Standard (free) member may have.

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Als Redakteur und Ressortleiter arbeitete er unter anderem für das "Mac MAGAZIN", die "ONLINE Today", die "connect" und die Entwicklungsredaktion der Gruner&Jahr-Tochter Magazin-Verlag am Fleetrand.

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Long Answer: It's very important to tailor your message to the person that you're corresponding with because, as a rule, simple messages like "Hey" or "What's up? I think it's cool that you're [an engineer / an artist / interested in technology]. To make sure that your emotional needs are being met, the best choice would be to diversify your options until you find someone who is a keeper.

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Commitment-wise, I still have a lot of the world - and myself to explore and am just looking for someone to spice things up a little.